Complete Project Expertise

According to the needs of our clients we can provide a permanent or ad-hoc consultancy service or a comprehensive management service to effectively deliver the project. 

Although the ideal scenario is to be involved during the planning phase we are able to join the project at any stage or situation as required.

Proven but adaptable completions strategies...

From our vast experience we have developed an adaptable Project Completions Strategy & Framework System with a way of working that ensures safe, efficient and successful execution for our clients. 

In the commissioning phase, we focus on safety, quality, adherence to specifications, and on-time completion. Our experience in commissioning green and brownfield facilities ensures a smooth commissioning phase, with available advice on all aspects of the plant. 

We can insert our team to run your project or supply a single member of the management team.

Our goal is to help our clients:

+ Efficiency 

Improve the efficiency of the Project Completions and Commissioning Process.


- Costs

Reduce project CAPEX and OPEX costs, keeping the project within budget.

+ Control

Enhance project execution and control, utilising digital solutions. 

+ Safety

Preserve and enhance plant safety - Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE).

CCIDS Project Completions Framework

 Completions Stages:

  1. Identify and Evaluate
  2. FEED
  3. Detail Engineering & Design
  4. Mechanical Completion
  5. Pre-Commissioning 
  6. System Commissioning 
  7. Start Up & Ramp Up
  8. Operation & Performance Testing 
  9. Facility Turnover

Interface management

Managing interfaces is a major challenge on large projects, notably in identifying where contractors’ scopes overlap and where there are assignment gaps. Every project stakeholder depends on successful management of these interfaces. The ability to create project teams that work together, with experienced people bringing best practices and practical experience, is critical to success.

Trouble Shooting :

Occasionally, large long-term projects encounter issues either down to gaps in planning or due to events that simply cannot be predicted.

We offer independent project consultancy and have the experience and skills in getting projects that have encountered difficulty at various stages, back on track.

We offer a variety of structured approaches in dealing with such situations based around the following key principles:

  1. Trust and respect 
  2. Uninhibited constructive conflict
  3. Commitment
  4. Accountability 
  5. Common goals

Improve Safety in a Smart Way

As the energy industry becomes more complex, it is critical that projects are delivered cost effectively and without compromising safety or plant security. At CCIDS, we share your uncompromising commitment to safety. Using smart mobile technologies, we can utilise new user-friendly tools that offer a comprehensive understanding of site-safety risks and help prevent incidents before they happen.


We actively manage project risk management by:

  • Meeting quality, health, safety, security and environmental expectations, including flowdown through the prime and sub-contractors
  • Delivering on schedule and meeting budget targets
  • Obtaining experienced, qualified personnel
  • Managing contractors, especially during the EPC phase.
  • Delivering fit-for-purpose facilities
  • Achieving targets
  • Using proven software tools


Lets talk about your project.