As part of our digital service offer, we have formed strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading global technology companies to develop SMART Completions – Commissioning and Completions Management System (CMS). We combine CCIDS’s extensive project completions management experience with our partners expertise in providing digital project delivery tools in order to create value for our customers. 

Our goal is to offer solutions to our customers that offer enhanced data and management capabilities that add real value to the project through reductions in cost, time, and the optimization of resources in order to face the most stringent of demands.

Our solutions offer an increase in visibility, transparency, accuracy, and accountability. 


Completions & Commissioning Management Software

We provide solutions that can help align your project construction and commissioning teams to deliver improved project outcomes and safer operations.

Our Commissioning Management System (SMS) – SMART Completions – can manage all your projects, large or small, by enabling your organization to effectively plan, prepare and execute a project. 

CCIDS can meet the client’s specications and support their strategy, and where necessary the contract, throughout construction, pre-commissioning, static and dynamic commissioning, start-up, performance testing, and finally handover, acceptance, and project close-out.

You can accelerate system progress and validate readiness with unprecedented transparency and collaboration during the completion and commissioning phases of a project with traceability and accountability.

Having real-time project data of mechanical completion and commissioning tasks makes it easy for construction and commissioning teams to expedite the coordination of closeout items. The cklinet can virtually eliminate manual data collection with automated check sheets and easily monitor, control and automate workflows for equipment testing, construction completion to commissioning handover, and start-up performance testing. Convenient, automatic notifications remove manual efforts and streamline your workflow processes for real-time project status and reporting.

With a tried and tested Completions Management System and associated Digital Platforms that deliver excellent performance and results to achieve succseful, safe  and efficenct Project Completion

CCIDS is capable of working in any environment to support the business function of project completion. It will provide an accurate overview to management in regard to a timely and cost-effective delivery of the project.

CCIDS Digital tools provide storage of data; ability to monitoring task completion; reporting the completion status of an item, equipment, system, plant, and, ultimately, a project.

CCIDS will clearly define completion and commissioning requirements and retain a focus on priorities and targets through all phases of a project, irrespective of size and complexity. Upon demand, CCIDS is capable of delivering auditable records and the precise traceability of every static check and dynamic test.


Improve Safety in a Smart Way

As the energy industry becomes more complex, it is critical that projects are delivered cost effectively and without compromising safety, security or environment.

At CCIDS, we share your uncompromising commitment to safety. Using smart mobile technologies, we can utilise new user-friendly tools that offer a comprehensive understanding of site-safety risks and help prevent incidents before they happen.

Innovative, Digital Tools

Specialized software tools to support project delivery

Our software provides the visibility needed to effectively manage project risks and opportunities. These tools provide perspective, encourage collaboration, and can identify options and simulate potential outcomes for the project team and for executive management. It’s how we unite project team’s partners, contractors, clients along with the operators and maintenance teams in a common understanding of goals and strategy.

CCIDS works with a range of software tools that effectively help to manage collaboration, progress tracking, visibility, decision-making, accountability and follow-up:

  • Project Management Software
  • Document management system
  • Interface management tool
  • Suite of schedule benchmarking, risk analysis, and simulation capabilities
  • Completions / Commissioning management system
  • Change management tool
  • Risk management tool
  • Information handover for maintenance