Completions Management

We can provide our clients with the experience and expertise, deliverables and tools for planning and executing the most efficient and cost effective control of the Project Completions, Commissioning and Start-up phases.

We can provide Commissioning teams through to individual Consultants. CCIDS offer a comprehensive service for the management and delivery of projects through the mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start-Up and Handover phases. We can also advise on a suite of Completions Management and Commissioning software tools including our own CCIDS digital documentation system.

Digital Platform Solutions

We have formed a strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading global technology companies.

We combine CCIDS’s extensive project completions management experience with our partners expertise in providing digital project delivery tools in order to create value for our customers. Our goal is to offer solutions to our customers that offer enhanced data and management capabilities that add real value to the project through reductions in cost, time, and the optimization of resources. Our solutions offer an increase in visibility, transparency, accuracy, and accountability.

Talent Resourcing

We can provide Commissioning teams or individuals to our clients all around the world for a variety of disciplines based either on or off-shore.

We understand the challenges that our clients and their HR teams face, we can manage the process and aim to provide a swift mobilisation following our efficient recruitment process. This allows our client to deal with the more pressing project management issues. We identify candidates from our extensive global networks, identifying skilled and experienced personnel. We deal with personnel and consultants from many backgrounds.


On our website you will find a range of key project documents and white-papers for purchase or free download which we are adding to on a regular basis. 

We are also able to write bespoke documents for your project. Following consultation to clarify your needs we work to ensure that the end result meets your objectives. We aim to deliver clear, concise and accurate information, whether your needs are long-term or project-based, global or local, on-site or remotely.